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Why Stylists Recommend Salon Products Over Supermarket Products

07 August 2020

You hear it all the time! When it comes to professional salon products for hair care or cosmetics, there is speculation that  you are just paying for the marketing, branding and packaging, and that the cheaper versions of products,  do exactly the same job.  Well, unfortunately this just isn’t the case. When it comes to...

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Why can’t my hair stay the same colour blonde all year round and why it turns yellow and brassy

09 June 2020

Platinum, creamy, sandy, ash, golden, dirty and honey are just some of the stunning shades of blonde that our clients request, and we honestly LOVE them all. There is no denying, fresh blonde locks are an absolute show stopper.  But, as any blonde knows, having these beautiful hues takes work. It is a MUST that...

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You just can’t control your oily hair?

25 May 2020

There’s nothing worse than washing your hair and then waking up the next morning only to have fresh, OILY hair… NOOO!!!!I completely feel you on this one! I myself have suffered from oily hair and it’s the pits!  I’ve tried dry shampoo to try and hide the shine, I’ve tried various brands and types of...

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We’re still in lockdown but not really. So how do I keep my hair manageable?

29 April 2020

No doubt about it, you’ve surprised yourself. Adapting to social isolation hasn’t been as difficult as you anticipated. You’ve been getting up earlier and meeting your bestie for a pre-dawn, social distancing, power walk and then heading back to the home office. Shopping is sorted despite the initial problems sourcing toilet paper and hand sanitiser. ...

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Take Care of Your Long Hair

31 March 2020

In these uncertain times, we need to take care of  ourselves like never before. Apparently, social Isolation means that we’re all looking for an ‘Iso’ activity that will both keep us occupied and provide us with a sense of achievement. Not surprisingly, we look to treat or pamper our belongings rather than ourselves. If you’re...

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24 March 2020

To all our lovely Elle J Clients, During this time of uncertainty regarding COVID-19 virus, we wanted to let you know that we are following the recommendations of the Australian Government and will continue to be open for business (unless told otherwise) The team here at Elle J have stepped up on our already high...

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Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Fringe

28 February 2020

One of the hottest topics with customers and friends when we’re talking about hair is whether to get a fringe or not? You have probably all toyed with the idea of getting a fringe from time to time and many of you have probably gone ahead and done it with great results. You may have...

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2020 hair care tips that apply to us all

31 January 2020

We talk a lot about hair care in our articles. Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world and because your hair is closer to the sky than any other part of your body, it’s going to be the most affected.  More often than not we try to be quite specific about your...

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Elle J Can Successfully Repair Your Damaged Hair

31 December 2019

The best hair treatment for damaged hair that we’ve encountered is AGI ONE. Living in Sydney is a dream most of the time, but it plays havoc with your hair. Not only does the humidity leave you with a bad case of the ‘frizzes’ from time to time, it can dry and damage your hair....

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Five Spring Hair Tips and Treatment Ideas

30 October 2019

Getting the right look can become a bit of a preoccupation in Spring. More time spent outdoors is certainly a consideration because it’s engagement/wedding, horse racing and ‘we’re all just pleased it’s not winter season.’ It can still be unpredictable though. The high winds that were once typical in August seem to be coming later...

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